I am originally from Oklahoma, but I also lived in Las Vegas for five years and then in Phoenix for five years. It was while living in Arizona that I learned costume design by working with the drama department at Grand Canyon University.

As a child, I learned the value of making things by hand rather than buying them. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating unique clothing—individually made and perfect for one person—that won’t be found hanging on a million hangers in a million closets. With the help of both my mom and my dad, I did my first sewing project when I was seven years old. I was hooked. Now I design and sew custom-fitted clothing and costumes. My costumes have won awards in several contests.

For five years, I raised my daughter as a single mom, and during that time, I went back to school. I was 29 when I graduated from university, with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology, which I think is the most exciting scientific field. I aim to get back into it when the time is right. In the meantime, I am enjoying raising my daughter and spending time on my creative endeavours: sewing, designing clothes and nail art, and writing.

Being a university student in my late twenties while raising a daughter on my own has given me the skills I use today as an entrepreneur: independence, self-discipline, and drive. For the last three years I have been living in Victoria and working as an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. I have the distinction of being one of the first Canada-based Jamberry Nails consultants.

In my spare time, I play World of Warcraft, my all-time favourite online game. I have developed many friendships there over the years. In fact, it just so happens that’s how I met my husband four years ago.

So, yes, I am creative and nerdy. That makes me lucky because I am never bored.

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