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If I still lived in the United States, I’d be spending finishing up the back-to-school buying spree. As it is, I’ve got a whole month to start. As it is, I spent a week finding what this year’s back-to-school trends are for all of our little (and not so little) ones heading back to school next month. Today is part one of a series that will look at the teen, tween, and kid styles are for our girls and helping them accessorize their nails to go with each look.

Today’s trend comes from Seventeen Magazine. The 90’s are back, can you believe it? The girls are going back to the preppy styles of Cher and Buffy. Join them with houndstooth, plaids and pinstripes!

90s babeWe all remember that those chunky shoes go with delicate jewellery and nails, so pair these with the simplicity of classic houndstooth:

90sPictured: Black & White Houndstooth and Break the Rules

Or go even more simple with a French Tip with a flair

90s 2Pictured: French Tip Bows

Whatever it may be, go all out to show your style!

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