Making a Build List for a Project

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And now for the last post I’ll make before we start making clothing. Really, I promise.

I wanted to talk about the importance of a build list. Before I start any project, I type out every task that needs to be done in that project and print it out as a checklist.

build list

The build list gets printed out and put on the wall above my sewing machine.

Why do I do this? Because sometimes, a project I’m making is really complex and it takes a long time. If I want to keep track of where I am in the project when I walk away from it.

As you can see in the above list, that particular project had two different garments that I was making, and each one had it’s own build list. As we start making clothing next week, I’ll actually post the build list I’m using so that you’ll know the method I use.

Will that always be the best way for you to make the garment in question? No, but it’ll be a starting point. You can always make notes as you work through the item and adjust your build list for the next time.

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