Layering Clear Jamberry Shields

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Jamberry has about 25 different clear designs (click here to see all of them!), and since I started using their regular nail shields a year an a half ago, I have been told at least 20 times that these clear designs can potentially be layered on top of solid colours or gradients, to create a new look. I was curious as to how this was done, but also wasn’t brave enough to try it yet. Then we came out with Deck the Halls at Christmastime.
Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls was the first clear wrap I’d ever really wanted to try, so I ordered it. I also had half a sheet of Sugarplum Glimmer left over from the only time I tried to wear a solid colour (I’m just a little too crazy for that). Sugarplum seemed like a Christmas-y enough colour.
Then I went looking for information on how to actually layer shields, and I couldn’t find anything good. So, I took the snippets of information I’d been able to glean and developed this method:

The real trick to my method is that I layer the shields on the sheet. That lets me line them up properly and make adjustments as necessary. You’ll see as I progress that, as pieces get smaller, I layer the pieces on the nails instead of on the sheet.

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Jamberry Juniors

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Jamberry Juniors are possibly my favourite product that I sell. That’s because, more than adults, children absolutely need non-toxic alternatives to fingernail polish. I know that kids of all ages have their hands in their mouths all the time, and as a mom, I prefer my daughter to be chewing on something that doesn’t have nasty chemicals in it like formaldehyde and toluene. As it is, I see tiny babies with Jams on their fingers because their moms don’t have to worry about it.
As far as I’m concerned, my daughter can wear a Jamicure any day she wants. Unfortunately, I’m not always around to do it for her, so she suffers from Naked Nails more often than not. It’s Cobbler’s Kids’ syndrome.

Always make sure to wash your child’s fingernails in Dawn dish detergent or soak them in vinegar before applying Jamberry Juniors nail shields. I’m not sure when they get old enough to stop doing this, but I’d say 13 is a good time to try it for the first time!

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Jamberry Reverse French Manicure

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For the first time, I’m really tackling my original purpose in the vlog – to take real manicures and recreate them as Jamicures. I already know I can’t paint my nails in a solid colour, much less make something that looks like this:
reverse manicure
There’s just no way that’s ever happening ever.

So, instead, I recreated it using Perfectly Poppy (check out Fire Engine) and White Romance. The greatest part of this was that all I needed to make those perfect little French curves was a nail clipper.
Please note that I’m still looking for new ideas in the manicure to Jamicure conversion category. Leave comments with links to some of your requests.

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Jamberry French Tips

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Jamberry French Tips are one of the products that draw the most interest and most confusion from my clients. They see the French Tips in the catalogue and don’t understand how they work, what length they should buy, or what the sheets will look like. All of these are valid questions and I wanted to take time to explain each of them.

Jamberry French tips work exactly like our typical nail shields. The curved bottom of the shield goes along your cuticle, and the whole of the design lays on your nail. However, because people’s nail beds are all different, the French Tips come in three different lengths that can be customized to each person’s hands. When you look in a catalogue, you’ll find the following section:

Measure your fingers for French Tips!

Measure your fingers for French Tips!

If you click on that image, you should be able to print that picture at the proper size and measure your French Tips and successfully order the correct size. For instructions on how to measure your nail beds, please watch the video:

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