Clothing and what it means to make your own

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Quick! Think about how long it takes you to shop for an item of clothing. If you’re an average person, you probably have a concept of the size you should be wearing, but you grab two or three of each items, on the chance that this particular garment is a made a little smaller or larger than the one you’re wearing (more on sizing later). You’ll also be wondering if this garment looks good on you rather than on the hanger or the mannequin in the window.

Because, seriously, who looks like this?

And then you run into the perfect top that doesn’t come in a colour that looks good on you. Better yet, you might find an item that fits a little too small in one size and a little too big in the next. For me, I’ve discovered that button-up shirts will never fit me across the largest part of my chest.

What if I told you there was a way to avoid all of this? What if I told you you’re already doing it?

Learning to sew is the first step to avoiding the angst of shopping for clothes. Will you be able to stop buying off the rack altogether? Probably not for a long while, but you will be able to take the knowledge you have on how to construct clothing and use it to alter off-the-rack into a custom fitting item. In fact, I plan to be showing how to do that throughout the year.

It also gives you the freedom to create something from your own mind. Something that will always look exactly the way you want it to (if you use the design tips I give you). Something that will be in the perfect colour, hug your curves, accent your positives, and make you feel amazing.

When I first told my husband that I was going to start talking about how to make clothes on the blog, he asked me when the last time I made an actual piece for myself, you know instead of making them for other people. I realized that I have never made a single piece of modern-day clothing for myself, though I’ve made plenty from the Renaissance era. Ergo, I’m really excited to be making my own custom clothing for the very first time, and I’m super glad you’re going to be with me while I do it!

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