Elastic Skirt – What fabric should I buy?

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This is part 2 in a series designed to walk you through designing and sewing an elastic waistband skirt. If you have missed steps, you should go back to this page.

Picking the proper fabric for your skirt is the best way to ensure the result that you want. When it comes to clothing you want to make sure you buy the best quality fabric you can. Better fabric will usually hold up better to the abuse that garments inevitably take.

A skirt can be made from virtually any fabric, but, for the time being, I suggest you stick to cottons. A satin skirt can be absolutely beautiful, but because the fabric is slick, I recommend you wait a little longer so that you can get used to non-challenging fabrics first.

My choice is a black cotton that I found for only $3/metre. It’s really wide, so I’ll be using half of it for this project and half of it for the next. The half I’m using for this project looks like this:

2015-02-17 11.37.10

Flat black

While the other half looks like this:



The only problem is it’s very lightweight. After I’m finished, I may take apart the elastic waist skirt and line it with something heavier.

You can use a patterned fabric, if you wish. Just make sure the fabric is dense enough that you can’t see through it very easily.

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