Finishing a Sewing Machine Project

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Sewing machine finish

There are pros and cons to every sewing method. Though sewing machines are much faster, when you’re done with a project, you’ll often find that it’s a stringy mess.

2014-09-11 09.58.18Trying to cut all of those threads is time consuming and tedious. When I was in my Renaissance society, those of us who sewed would often finish a project and hand it off to someone who didn’t sew to take off the “pennants” as we called them. Today, I’m going to show you the fastest way I’ve found to get this part done. It will still take some time, but you’ll be done much faster than you would with a pair of scissors.

First, find the lighter I told you you’d need when setting up your sewing supplies.

Pretty much all sewing threads are made of either cotton or polyester which means they will either burn very quickly or melt when heat is applied. The end result is that you can use a flame to cut the threads quickly and cleanly. Pull one (or a bundle) of these messy threads taut and use your lighter right up against the base of them.

2014-09-11 09.59.34

My phone never could capture the flame.

The thread will catch fire and melt right up to the fabric. Keep an eye on it, in case it decides it wants to catch there. A quick pinch or spray of water will douse it before there’s any damage done.

2014-09-11 10.07.09

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