Clothing Project – Fitted Waistband Skirt

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Congratulations, you made an elastic skirt! Now it’s time to move onto something a little more difficult. The next logical step is to make another kind of skirt that has some great structure and design elements. This time, we’re going to make a fitted waist skirt with a waistband, lining, zipper, and hook and bar closure. That means we’ll be covering a lot of techniques including personalization, fitting, and some new tools that you may or may not have. Because of all those things, you’ll find that this particular tutorial will take a little longer than the last one. Just have some patience.

Also, if you haven’t made an elastic waist skirt before (whether through my tutorials or on your own), you should probably go back to the last project and make one. This project builds on a lot of the foundations set forth on that. In fact there are a couple of the steps that will link back to steps in the elastic waist skirt.

Click here to download the build list.

Concepts covered in this project:

  • Completing your skirt sloper
  • Altering your sloper into an A-line
  • Sewing darts
  • Lining a skirt
  • The invisible hem
  • Inserting a zipper
  • Making a waistband
  • Hook & bar closures

See? A lot of new concepts! The steps will be as follows:

  • Materials List
  • Bottom-weight fabrics
  • Linings
  • Choosing a Skirt Shape
  • How much fabric do you need?
  • What’s a sloper?
  • Optional tools: The Hip Curve (Coming April 1!)
  • Converting your elastic waist skirt pattern into a sloper (Coming April 3!)
  • Making a pattern from your sloper (Coming April 13!)
  • Finishing fabric edges Part 2 (Coming April 15!)
  • Marking & Sewing Darts (Coming April 17!)
  • Cutting out your skirt lining (Coming April 20!)
  • Pinning for Speed (Coming April 22!)
  • Sewing the skirt & lining (Coming April 24!)
  • Tools: The Zipper Foot (Coming April 27!)
  • Inserting the zipper (Coming April 29!)
  • The invisible hem (Coming May 1!)
  • Drafting a waistband pattern (Coming May 4!)
  • Making the waistband (Coming May 6!)
  • Attaching the waistband to the skirt (Coming May 7!)
  • The Hook & Bar closure (Coming May 8!)

So, this project will take us all the way through April. Are you excited? I sure am!

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