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This is step 4 in a series of lessons dedicated to help you design and make your own fitted waist skirt. If you’ve missed any steps, you should go back to this page.

Today, you’re going to figure out how much fabric you need for the fitted waist skirt. Hopefully, you already decided what shape your skirt’s going to be, but if not, click that link and figure it out. It’s going to be important.

Of course, we’re going to be using

 The F3 Designs Fabric Amount Predictors!

Predictor icon inches blank v Predictor icon cm

I won’t be walking you through the process of using these again because I did it the last time we used these. There are some options that you won’t be able to use during this tutorial either. As we get further into lessons, you’ll learn how to utilize the techniques that won’t be covered yet. I’m still keeping this pretty basic.

For the fitted skirt project, you’ll want to choose your preferred length and the fitted waist (duh). I will show you how to make the straight and all the A-line options in this tutorial, so choose whichever one you’d like. I would suggest not choosing the “A-Line 20%” option as you won’t learn how to make darts, and that’s a pretty important part of this project. We won’t be going over the whole circle or pleated skirts just yet.

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