Why Should I Learn to Hand-Stitch?

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Lessons, Projects, Sewing, Theory | Comments Off on Why Should I Learn to Hand-Stitch?

Hand-stitching may seem pointless to those of you who have only seen sewing take place with machines. Machine stitching is much faster and more consistent than most things you can do by hand. Knowing that, why would you ever want to hand stitch?

Simply put, knowing how the needle moves through the fabric will help you when it comes to fixing mistakes that were done with a machine. Also, there are some things that can’t be machine stitched. If you’ve ever watched Project Runway or any other show where they talk about “draping” a garment, you should understand that that process entails hand stitching a garment the way you pin it on a mannequin. There are also some stitches that you can’t do on a machine. For example, the hidden stitch we’ll use at the end of this project is absolutely impossible to do on a machine.

I also feel like the motion of hand sewing an item is soothing. Like anything I do with my hands, I find the repetition very rhythmic and almost like a meditation.

Regardless of the reason, we’ll be hand sewing first.

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