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Jamberry French Tips are one of the products that draw the most interest and most confusion from my clients. They see the French Tips in the catalogue and don’t understand how they work, what length they should buy, or what the sheets will look like. All of these are valid questions and I wanted to take time to explain each of them.

Jamberry French tips work exactly like our typical nail shields. The curved bottom of the shield goes along your cuticle, and the whole of the design lays on your nail. However, because people’s nail beds are all different, the French Tips come in three different lengths that can be customized to each person’s hands. When you look in a catalogue, you’ll find the following section:

Measure your fingers for French Tips!

Measure your fingers for French Tips!

If you click on that image, you should be able to print that picture at the proper size and measure your French Tips and successfully order the correct size. For instructions on how to measure your nail beds, please watch the video:

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