Attaching the Exterior to the Interior

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This is part 10 in a series designed to walk you through designing and sewing a messenger bag. If you have missed steps, you should go back to this page.

This section, where we’ll attach the exterior of the bag to the interior is probably the most difficult to understand. Please take the time to read through the steps carefully and look at the pictures. It took me a few tries to figure it all out, so be patient.

Turn the interior section of your bag right side out. This is the portion that has no strap or flap attached.

2014-09-11 09.37.11Turn the exterior section of your bag, the part with the strap and flap attached, wrong side out and stuff the flap and strap inside it. Sorry that there isn’t a better picture. Of the dozen I shot, this was the best.

2014-09-11 09.35.56Put the interior section of the bag inside the exterior section. Make sure the strap and flaps stay inside the body.

2014-09-11 09.39.38Pin the front and back sections together, but do not pin the sides where the straps are.

2014-09-11 09.40.55Sew the two sides you have pinned together. You will be left with an open section on either side.

2014-09-11 09.46.55Pull the strap out of one of the open seams.

2014-09-11 09.47.24Keep pulling the strap gently, and eventually, the bag will turn right side out through the opening you left. It may take a while, but it will turn.

2014-09-11 09.48.182014-09-11 09.49.33Press and pin the top edges of the bag.

2014-09-11 09.50.23Topstitch the three edges. This will both close the gaps left for turning as well as giving the top of the bag a professional, finished look.

2014-09-11 10.07.09

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