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This is part 4 in a series designed to walk you through designing and sewing a messenger bag. If you have missed steps, you should go back to this page.

You will need to cut out all of the pattern pieces from two different fabrics. To do this, make sure you repeat these steps with each piece of fabric. Iron your fabric and lay it on your cutting surface right side up.

Fold the Fabric in half exposing the wrong side. You will be pinning all of your fabric pieces through both layers so that you can cut two pieces at a time. All of your pattern pieces will need to have two pieces cut from each fabric except for the bottom and the flap.

The first thing I did from this point was to lay my straight edge out on my fabric. I did this to avoid having to make a strap piece. Here, you can see my body and side pattern pieces as well as the straight edge.

2014-09-08 15.12.10

I placed my straight edge right next to the selvage and drew a line onto the fabric with a pencil. Pencils are great to draw on fabric because they wash off so easily and they don’t [generally] show through to the right side. You can also buy fabric pencils in your local craft store that will do the same thing. It’s also useful to mention that pencil will erase off of your fabric if you make a mistake.

2014-09-08 14.21.13I laid out my pattern pieces exactly as the below picture indicates. I pinned my body and side pieces to both layers of fabric while allowing my flap to be placed on half of the fabric.

2014-09-08 14.21.52

Here’s the same thing, after tracing the straight edge with my pencil

2014-09-08 14.20.55After you pin each piece into place, cut out the side, bottom, and body, leaving the flap.

2014-09-08 14.22.43Unfold the fabric and pin the flap to the single layer of fabric.

2014-09-08 14.49.52

Now that you have cut out all your pieces from your first fabric, repeat those steps for your second fabric.

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