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This is part 8 in a series designed to walk you through designing and sewing a messenger bag. If you have missed steps, you should go back to this page.

Though the method I recommend can be difficult, it is the strongest method for attaching a strap.

Measure 4 inches down from the centre of one of your side pieces and make a mark.

2014-09-10 18.05.41 2014-09-10 18.05.55

Fold your strap in half, width-wise and mark the halfway point.

2014-09-10 18.07.19 2014-09-10 18.07.41

Line the centre marks up and pin the strap onto the side piece.

2014-09-10 18.07.59Measure 2 inches up from the bottom of the strap. Draw a line at the 2 inch mark across the strap.

2014-09-10 18.09.08

Using a straight edge or ruler, mark diagonal lines between the corners.

2014-09-11 09.23.08 2014-09-11 09.23.18 2014-09-11 09.23.352014-09-11 09.24.01

Topstitch around the square and across the diagonal sections. This will form a boxed “X”.

2014-09-11 09.36.15Repeat this method on the other side of the bag’s body.

Centre the end of your strap on the dot marked on the side pattern. Pin the exterior side of the strap to the wrong side of the body piece, making sure that the strap doesn’t twist in the middle.

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