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So, I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge the men who are reading this blog. I feel like starting with a skirt is kind of letting you guys down. I wanted you to know that I don’t think that sewing is something only for women. I’m far too feminist for that. I think people of all genders and sexes should learn the basics of sewing, and those who want to learn the finer points should be able to. Heck, my dad made me more dresses than anyone else when I was growing up.

However, men’s garments are, generally, much more difficult and specific than women’s. Making a tailored shirt or fitted pants requires a lot of time and effort and, though we will eventually be making those garments, they certainly aren’t for beginners.

Sometime, watch Project Runway during Menswear week. These are designers who have spent years in the industry, and well over half of them have no idea how to make a man’s shirt. They just don’t have the first idea of where to start.

I’ve written this blog thus far as if only women are the ones learning, but I’m planning to change that. I realize that I’ve given instructions on measurements only for women, and now we’re making a traditionally woman’s garment. Unfortunately, an elastic waistband skirt is so much more simple than a pair of elastic waistband pants. I hope you understand why we’re starting with that. If you’re a man and following along with my blog, find someone to make a skirt for. She’ll appreciate the beautiful fit.

I promise that by the time we get to a fitted shirt, I will have managed workbooks and other tools that are specifically for men (and kids as well). Until then, please try to be patient with me.

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