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I utilised the pillow project to work out how I wanted to schedule the sewing lessons from here on out. I figured a fairly simple 6-step project could give me a little perspective on how I wanted to do things. Here’s what I decided:

There are two parts to sewing – practical and theory. Practical is anything that actually involves making a pattern or, well, sewing a specific project. Theory is any time when I inform you about the general concepts that are overarching concepts. Theory posts are those you’ll use throughout the series. For example, here’s a chart that breaks down the pillow project into theory and practicum.

Section Type
Making the pattern Practical
Seam allowance Theory
Cutting out your pattern and fabric Practical
Running stitch Theory
Pinning and sewing your pillow Practical
Turning and stuffing your pillow Practical
Finishing up Theory*

 *Finishing Up post is specific to this project, it also teaches how to do the slip stitch which applies to virtually every project that involves a lining.

Therefore, I arrived at a basic concept of how I want to schedule posts from now on. First, I decided I’d only post Monday through Friday. That will allow anyone who can’t follow along during the week a couple days to catch up with anything I write during the week.

I also feel like I should allow more time between practical posts. I am really trying to make sure that any of my practical posts only include about an hour’s worth of work. However, I tend to be bad at estimating my own time and I don’t expect anyone who’s new to sewing to work as quickly as I do. Therefore, any post that involves practical instruction will most likely be followed by one day where I either write nothing or I write about theory.

That being said, if I’m talking about theory, there will probably be one post a day. I’ll also be scheduling tweets as I write posts, so if you want to know when the newest post goes up, just click this button:

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