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It took me a little over an hour to go through the initial phase of Lesson planning. I’m a little (haha) anal retentive when it comes to thinking through this kind of thing. I came up with a basic outline of what I’m going to be presenting. I also did some research into RSS feeds and how to create a sewing only version. I really don’t get it so, for the time being, subscribe to me on Twitter or Facebook (links above) to keep up with what’s being posted when.

I’m designing the sewing lessons to build on each other in hopes that I won’t have to go into too many techniques for each project. That said, the majority of the lessons will be in project form as sewing is far more application than theory. I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants, though, so expect some of these to change. After I get about 10 of the lessons made up and published and another 10 written and queued, I’ll create a “Sewing” Page so that readers can find what lesson they’re on and go there easily. I’m hoping to develop a rhythm by October and to write ahead so they keep going through the holidays.

Here is the list in condensed form. Expanded form will follow once I know that I can actually do this:

  • Why Sewing?
  • Do you have the right stuff?
  • Buying fabric on a budget
  • Hand sewing project – Pillow
  • Buying a sewing machine
  • Sewing machine basics
  • Machine sewing project – Shoulder bag
  • Clothing and what it means to make your own
  • Taking proper measurements
  • Dressforms
  • Retail patterns
  • Clothing project – Elastic waist Skirt
  • Clothing project – Pull over Shirt
  • Bodice blocks – making your own patterns
  • Clothing project – Dress
  • Clothing project – Button-down Shirt
  • Clothing project – Fitted Waist Pants
  • Making your own pants block
  • Expansions on the basics
  • Advanced techniques

Please note that, as that is the condensed list, there are over 100 lessons in the expanded version. I’m not totally sure how long all of that will take. I’ll also be taking requests for specific garments and techniques that may be requested along the way.

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