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Of the many activities I do with my “Fabulous Fingers,” perhaps the one I’m asked about the most is sewing and clothing design. It’s something I truly enjoy, and further, it’s something not everyone does. However, with the amount of times that my personal friends ask me how to make an item, I have to wonder why it’s such a rare skill.

My daughter is eleven, and over the past summer, we have spent a great deal of time learning the art of putting clothing together. She thinks she wants to be a fashion designer, so I developed a series of lessons to help her learn to put together the vast majority of clothing.

Then a friend in California told me that he had purchased a child-sized mannequin for his daughter and wanted to know how to help her get started in the same direction. Neither of us fool ourselves into believing that our daughters are going to be the next Chanel, but if it’s something that they genuinely want to learn, why stop them?

It was at that point that he said, “Why don’t you blog some sewing lessons? I bet you’d be great about it.”

So I thought about it.

Then one by one I got a question about how to make a shirt, how to pleat a skirt, how to measure properly, and others and I thought more about blogging sewing lessons and how to go about it.]

Then yesterday, a friend sent me a picture of the costume she wants to make for the next Phoenix Comicon and told me that she wants to learn to sew it in the next 9 months but doesn’t even know where to begin.

That was my tipping point. It seems that sewing lessons are something that is being pushed on me as something to write about, and I’m happy to do it. As I write this, I’m starting the list of articles and projects I need to create and in what order. I’m welcoming any requests as to techniques or styles that you’re interested in, but I probably won’t be getting into “advanced techniques” until after Christmas.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the list of lessons that I’m planning. That list will probably be very mutable as I figure out how to create each of them. I’ll also be expanding projects into multiple lessons so I don’t give too much information at once.

Until then, allons-y!

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