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I was talking to a friend recently and used the word “sloper.” After she asked what that was and I explained it (as I’m about to do), she said, “So, it’s a pattern.”

I clarified (as I’m about to do), but we never reached a point where she was convinced that the sloper wasn’t either a pattern or a fancy term that should only be used by hoity-toity fashionistas.

The fact is that a sloper is a really great tool that can be used over and over. That’s why for all of the future lessons I’ll be walking you through making a sloper, and this is why:

First off, a sloper is a template from which patterns are made. It isn’t a pattern, it’s how you make a pattern. You make one sloper per type of garment (skirt, shirt, bodice, pants, etc.) and the alter it to make the pattern you want.

Why? Because though making your sloper is time consuming and requires quite a bit of math and geometry, once you’ve made it, you can alter it and pop out a new pattern in less than 15 minutes. After each of the projects, I’ll show you some options for how you can alter your sloper to make completely different garments.

In my post on the 3rd of April, I’ll be walking you through the process of making a skirt sloper. This will become a new tool for you. As such, make sure you take care of it the same you would any other tool. Don’t alter the actual sloper, and make sure it stays in good condition. Also, I’d recommend you make a new set of slopers every time you take a new set of measurements and find them different than your last.

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