Introducing – Fabrics from Spoonflower

Posted by on Feb 5, 2015 in For Sale | Comments Off on Introducing – Fabrics from Spoonflower

A few months ago, I discovered this amazing website called Spoonflower where I can design my own fabrics. This not only gives me a great outlet for design ideas I have from time to time, it will eventually give me the ability to create clothes with my own custom fabrics. For now, I’m showing you my first offering in the custom fabric market – Loop de Loo.

Loop De Loo canvas

This vibrant, hot pink fabric works well for accent sections of clothing and accessories and translates really well to any type of fabric. I ordered my sample swatch in modern Jersey and was so impressed with the quality of the printing, the beautiful colour, and the lack of fading when I stretched it. In  fact, now that I’m thinking of it, I can’t stop thinking about what I could use it for. You can order it in 16 different fabrics, wallpaper, or wrapping paper from my Spoonflower shop today!

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