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Thrift Store headerIt’s time for this week’s thrift store update – the awesome things I found at my local thrift stores this week.

I didn’t make a post last week because I only found one thing – that’s the way this always works. This week, I didn’t find a lot more, but I did find a few things, so here’s the haul:

2015-03-23 15.33.52I think I’ve finally reached an equilibrium with my local stores where I have already gone through everything they have and I’m only buying the stuff that comes in that week. Yay! Anyway, it seems like it switches from one to the other whether I’m buying books or patterns at each one. One week, I buy books from St. Vincent De Paul and the next, all the books are at the Salvation Army.

Anyway, the two books of the week are Does This Make Me Look Fat – a book about choosing clothes and styling for all kinds of bodies and Garments with Style – a book about adding details to clothing.

I also picked up patterns for a really cool blazer that I intend to lengthen and make into a winter coat, work out halters and pants, and some fun tops.

Finally, I did something I’ve never done before: I bought the $5 bag of notions on the left side of the picture.

Why don’t I usually buy these? Because I’m inundated with notions on a regular basis. I only picked this one up because it was filled with invisible zippers and buttons, and I feel like you can never have enough of those. Here’s the bag after I opened it:

2015-03-23 15.38.01I came out with 10 packs of buttons (29 total), 3 invisible zippers, one regular zipper, two backs of snaps, 4 spools of lace, a big roll of velcro (the two black rolls are the hook and loop sides respectively), three seam binding packets, and a spool of metallic thread. I tossed out the green sequins and I probably won’t use the yellow cotton yarn.

Regardless, it’s a lot for $5! Some quick calculations reveal that I got about $40-$50 worth of notions that I know that I’ll use, eventually. That’s the danger with buying these notion bags, you shouldn’t buy them unless you can look and see at least twice the price worth of stuff that you can actually use.

All in all, I paid $13 for everything here, and I think that they’re worth about $100 new.

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