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The way the strap in the messenger bag tutorial is set up, you’ll need to topstitch it to finish.

A topstitch is a finishing stitch that’s sewn on top of an item that generally runs parallel to the seam. It can also be decorative. You can see an example of top stitching on the seams of your jeans.

Retrieved from craftstylish.

Topstitching gives your projects a professional finished look as well as allowing you to close areas that are too thin to turn. Yesterday, you created a faux seam on your messenger bag strap, and today, we’ll close it with a topstitch.

First, you’ll take your pressed, pre-pinned strap.

2014-09-10 17.47.00

You’ll want to sew up the open edge.  Set your seam allowance to 1/8 inch (for me, that meant adjusting my needle all the way to the left then aligning the edge of my presser foot with the edge of the seam.

2014-09-10 17.56.44Sew down the faux seam, on top of the strap. Then turn the strap around and do the same to the closed side.

2014-09-10 18.03.22After you’ve topstitched both sides, your strap is done, and you can put it away for a while.

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