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This is part 1 of a series about this season’s wedding styles

This season’s wedding looks are full of beautiful, elegant details. These embellishments include beads and lace and include both metallic and pearlescent on white and gentle pastels.

Wedding dresses embellished with lace and metallic details

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Extend this trend to your nails when you add pearlescent and metallic details with these amazing designs!

Decorative Silver & White

Decorative Silver & White gives your nails an amazing mirror finish with pearlescent details. They look elegant and refined while drawing everyone’s eyes to your perfect hands.

Diamond Dust Sparkle

Diamond Dust Sparkle gives your fingers the elegance of shine without any of the designs. Whether you use them on every nail or just your ring finger as an accent, you’re sure to shine!

Tin Tip

Tin Tip mixes the beauty of silver with the elegance of a French Tip. The matte grey on the nail base creates a beautiful contrast with the reflective silver of the tip. Your nails will have never looked so extraordinary. (Tip: Make sure you measure your fingers for your French Tips!)

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