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Happy New Year everyone! I’m so glad to have you back reading my blog. I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news:

I didn’t give myself a lot of writing time over the holidays, so I’m not exactly starting the year with months of posts waiting to be published.

The good news is that we’re starting clothing this month!

I still have the outline of what I wanted to do with this blog when I started it, so I’m going to be following it as we go along. Hopefully, I won’t have that nasty writers block, and I’ll catch up in no time. Before I get into what to expect this month, though, I want to go over some changes you’re going to see in the blog over time.

First, I’m going to change the “Shop” tab. Right now, if you click the “Shop” tab (go ahead, I’ll wait), it redirects you to my Jamberry Independent website. Now, I’m still going to have that, and it will still be accessible in the Shop area, but I’m also going to have some more options appearing very soon.

That’s because (drum roll please) this is the year I launch my own clothing and accessories line. I also plan to make more patterns for purchase available on Craftsy and Etsy.

In the same vein of announcements, I’m going to be rebranding my existing patterns and future clothing and accessories to be separate (yet similar) to my Jamberry business. See, though I love my name of Forbes Fabulous Fingers, it’s pretty specific to my Jamberry business. It’s just hard to sell people on an amazing dress designed my Forbes Fabulous Fingers. Instead I’m branding my clothing and accessories as…

f3designsSee? Really similar, but specific to clothing and accessories. At some point soon, I’ll go about securing, but for now, F3 Designs will reside pretty much on Etsy and Craftsy. Unfortunately, it seems that there is already an Etsy Store by the name f3designs, so we’re going to stick with forbesfabfingers there.

The shops will begin selling accessories within the month as well as doll clothes, plus-sized clothing, and custom nail designs soon thereafter.

Now for a pre-announcement announcement. I have a really big product idea that I’m developing right now. It’s only in the idea stage, but as soon as I get caught up on the blog posts and a couple of other craft projects, I’m going to start developing it. That means that, if my idea works, you can expect to be the first to see an exciting new option in clothing. You’re also going to be the first to know when the Kickstarter campaign launches. I’m counting on all of you to spread the word when that happens.

Anyway, we’ll get started sewing again tomorrow.

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