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I guess the best way to start writing about learning to sew is to actually explain why I think sewing is important. I’ve had a lot of people ask why I insist that my daughter at least learn how to fix a tear and sew on a button. The reason for that is simple. Fixing things is less expensive than replacing them. If your pants tear, it’s so much simpler and less expensive to repair it than to go out and buy a new pair.
The simple act of learning to put something together also teaches you how to repair an item like it. It also teaches you how to alter items which is really important when you’re short like I am. It’s also really important when your 11-year-old has the waist size of a typical 2-year-old and you have to take in all of her pants.
However, learning to sew isn’t limited to repairs and alterations. Once you learn the basics, the possibilities are endless. With very few exceptions, all garments are simply variations of another garment of the same type. That is to say, a shirt is a shirt, regardless of what kind of sleeves it has or where it flounces. Shorts are short pants. There might be a thousand variations of a skirt, but they all go together the same.
Sewing allows you to put together limitless concepts. Whatever you imagine, it’s possible.

There’s one other thing that separates sewing from every other craft I’ve done. Regardless of what mistakes you make, they are almost always reversible. There is always more fabric, more thread, and more time. As long as you take your time, you can fix any mistake and still get a great result.

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